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His name is Rachid Ben Noureddine Ben Moahamed Zghaier Ben Belgacem Ben Salem Ben El Hadj El Hamrouni El Benoui El Ouertani.

Rachid Ouertani (born 4 January 1954 in Kairouan, Tunisia) is a Tunisian physicist and politician. Since 2011 he has been working as a senior researcher in the Photovoltaic Laboratory of the Centre for Research and Energy technologies (French: Centre De Recherches Et Des Technologies De L'énergie CRTEn) in Bordj Cedria. According to Research Gate, he has 27 international scientific publications in his field (seen November, 2nd 2018) and was quoted in 83 publications. His work can be found at Research Gate. Since the Arab Spring or the Tunisian revolution and the abolition of the dictatorship in the Republic of Tunisia through the events of late 2010 and early 2011, which lead to the escape of the Dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Rachid Ouertani has been an active member of the Ennahdha party.

1. Biography:

1.1. From his childhood to his doctoral studies in France

Rachid Ouertani went to elementary school and middle school in Kairouan. From the tenth grade he went to the boarding school of the high school Lycée Khaznadar in Tunis. There he made his baccalauréat in the year 1973 in the field of mathematics. After that he studied mathematics and physics for two years at the university. He passed the MP1 exam in June 1974 and the MP2 exam in June 1976. In June 1978 he completed the Maîtrise-Diploma in physics at the Faculty of Sciences (French: Faculté des Sciences) of Tunis. In September 1979 he received his diploma of deep studies of material sciences (French: Diplôme d'études approfondies en sciences des Matériaux) at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie Paris 6. He completed his doctorate in physics in the year 1981 at the University of Montpellier in France, after he presented his  doctoral thesis  on October, 29th 1981.

1.2. Under the dictatorship of the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

Rachid Ouertani was in the times of Ben Ali, like many academic people, human rights activists, thinkers and other democrats a political adversary of the dictator and his regime since 1987. He spoke for a real democracy and for a real multi-party system in Tunisia, in which laws regulate the peaceful co-existence in the society between all citizens. He worked from his return as a doctor of physics from France to 09.10.1991 as a university lecturer and researcher in research centres and universities of the cities Bordj Cedria and Nabeul.

The proclamations of his political opinions and views brought the then dictatorial system to condemn him after his abduction on October, 9th 1991 and 3 months of torture for six months imprisonment without counting the three months of torture in the verdict of these political Human rights infringing proceeding.

In June 1992, the political prisoner Rachid Ouertani left prison. The Ben Ali regime deprived him of his passport, his travel rights and the right to work in the public sector. He also had to prove his presence in the city of Grombalia, where he lived, every day for ten  years, by signing at the local police station.

He worked until the Tunisian revolution as a photovoltaic installer and later as an engineer and a co-managing director in the private sector.

2. His publications on Research Gate:

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3. More:

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